Oversized Knits: Comfort Level 100

To be clear: our love affair with oversized sweaters started long ago. (Who doesn’t want to spend the winter swaddled in fabric like an adult baby?) But last February, it was reignited in full when cocoon-like knits popped up in the Autumn collections of a lot of the big hitters of the fashion hierarchy.

Oversized sweaters are genius things: comfy, cozy and oh-so-versatile. Perhaps that’s why designers aren’t letting go of them, be it winter, spring, summer or Autumn. The runways — filled with cool, minimalist, tonal looks — featuring styles such as an all-white, no-frills, knee-length cardigans, lace-lined V-neck sweaters over coordinating negligées and turtlenecks and a lot more. The prior season, Marc Jacobs (with actual cold weather in mind) teamed outsize wool jumpers with shearling-trimmed corduroy jackets and sportswear-inspired trousers.

Despite their resemblance to actual blankets, oversized sweaters can be flattering, energetic statement pieces, if styled correctly. One option is to streamline your look in monochromatic, head-to-toe knits. And, as proven by Jacobs — and Victoria Beckham, time and time again — you can’t go wrong in a gargantuan knit and loose trousers or a flowing skirt, so long as your footwear is sharp.

Another super soft, fail-safe look is the maxi dress/huge sweater combo: layer a cashmere pullover over a floaty dress (or silky slip), then polish off the look with heels and dramatic drop earrings. A deconstructed knit and jeans makes for a classic yet punky pairing, especially if there’s a tartan button-down involved. Or you can always go the Bella Hadid route and wear an oversized sweater as a dress, belted, with no pants at all.Especially this time of year, it’s hard to find an outfit that isn’t made better — and, more importantly, warmer — by a giant sweater. Because these toppers usually come in low-key solids, feel free to get wild with the texture, color and pattern of the rest of your look. Generally speaking, you want to keep things narrow and streamlined on the bottom, add on eye-catching extras (a hat, a slung-across-the-chest bum bag) and try for the element of surprise. One of our favorite trendspottings featured huge sweaters layered over outerwear. Genius, no?


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