A Guide to Finding Your Own Style

Defining your personal style will make you brim with confidence and make shopping so much easier. When you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, the energy radiates outward. If you think about it, you can be 100% you when you’re feeling amazing in your outfit. You strut your way round town with a purpose and you hold your head high. Imagine you nailed your look at all times. You’d be unstoppable!

How, i hear you say? It’s easier than you might think

Find Your Style Icon(s)

Ones fashion inspiration, might be another person’s nightmare. This is because we all have our own style and preferences and we all think we know what we look good in. Your inspiration can come from your favourite street styler, instagrammer or maybe even one of your friends or family. We all tend to have those people who we turn to when our creative fashion juices are running low. The best advice we can give is to nail down the definite people you want to use a reference and then put your own twist on their style.

Name It

Look at the people who inspire you and make a note of what styles they wear that you gravitate towards. Once you’ve decided what styles are a bit of you, put a label on it. You might call it a rebel-floral mix collection or a punk rocker-bohemian mashup. Don’t worry about how silly it might sound. As long as you can relate to the label and you know exactly what styles go into which category then you’re on the right path.

Play Favorites

Every style icon past and present has their calling card. So make sure you always have that ace up your sleeve that you can wear to upgrade any outfit. Whether yours is a moto jacket, a striped boat neck shirt or statement earrings, find the piece in your closet that always makes you feel like you. Make this a staple part of your wardrobe. You never know people could be using you as a reference in the future.


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