The Hot Trend is Back: Dad Sneakers

As you all know trends come and go in the fashion world (some welcomed and some that take us by surprise). Trends are normally rehashed fromm decades gone by and can make quite an impact second time round. The dad sneaker is one of those styles that actually surprised me when I saw it coming down the runways of fashion week. The dad sneaker is known best for being sported by middle aged men, wearing stone wash, baggy jeans and a fanny pack, while on holiday. I bet you’re wondering how I am possibly going to convince you that this is going to look stylish after what I’ve said above, but fear not, you will be buying some as soon as you’ve finished reading this article. 

The chinky dad sneaker has been embraced by street stylers and social media influencers alike. The dad sneaker goes with literally anything if styled right. I have seen street stylers wearing them with anything from tailored suits to floral tea dresses and it, strangely, it works. 

When can I wear dad sneakers, I hear you say?

I did my research and checked out the big fashion designers collections and the high street alternatives and came to the conclusion that dad sneakers can be worn for any occasion with any outfit (maybe bar a wedding or some formal events). Some of the versions of the dad sneaker could be acceptable but only if your boss is laid back. Got a hot date? Wear your dad sneakers with a floral tea dress and leather biker jacket, relaxed but still sassy. As mentioned earlier we wouldn’t necessarily wear out sneakers with a cocktail dress as this would come across too casual (if it was acceptable, I probably would). Be smart with the way you wear them and obviously there are limits. The dad sneakers are taking centre stage this season and you’d be mad not to grab some sooner rather than later. 

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