Bye, Winter…Hello, Spring

How refreshing does it feel to get rid of those huge coats you’ve been hibernating in all Winter and buying some brand new Spring clothes. Nothing gets me more excited than a wardrobe clear out. This helps you find some of the old styles you forgot about that have been in the back of your wardrobe and add some newbies to your collection. 


A Guide to Finding Your Own Style

Defining your personal style will make you brim with confidence and make shopping so much easier. When you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, the energy radiates outward. If you think about it, you can be 100% you when you’re feeling amazing in your outfit. You strut your way round town with a purpose and you hold your head high. Imagine you nailed your look at all times. You’d be unstoppable!

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Oversized Knits: Comfort Level 100

Oversized sweaters a love affair amongst womens far and wide. I mean who doesn’t love being all cosy in their favourite slouchy knitwear. You will be glad to hear that oversized sweaters were a huge part of many of many of the big designers, Autumn collections.


Futuristic Fashion

While we’re still waiting on the self drying bomber jackets or the self lacing Nike Air Force Ones that Marty promised in Back to the Future II, the future of fashion has landed. Well that’s if the runways of Autumn/Winter 2018 are anything to go by. From metallic trousers, to see through plastic bags, the future of fashion has arrived. We will have you looking like an extra from Men in Black in no time.


5 Work Outfits Perfect for the Autumn

Autumn is here! And I would be lying if i said I am not excited. The leaves are starting to turn that caramel and tan colour and the temperatures are beginning to drop. After a red hot Summer, I am personally ready for the weather to turn. This means we get to have a full wardrobe overhaul and which lady wouldn’t love to do that? The issue we have is still dressing appropriately for the office, while still protecting ourselves from the elements outside. Once you’ve got that in order you need to make sure you are dressed right for indoors. The heaters in the office will more than likely be on full blast so make sure you can shed the layers once you make it to work. The problem we face is getting the balance right. One minute it can be warm out then the next minute it can be freezing. 


Gingham is Not Going Anywhere

The Summer season saw the rise of the gingham print and boy did it have some traction. You couldn’t go on anyones instagram who knew their stuff, without seeing the check print. Checked bardot tops and gingham pinafore dresses were the unofficial uniform of fashionistas far and wide. 

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Here’s What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Style

It has been said that your zodiac sign can determine what sort of style you have. We know that people are often linked to certain behaviors and traits by what star sign they are. Aries are normally sassy, Gemini’s are known to have a double sided personality and taurus’ are known to not forgive easily. Apply these traits and characteristics to fashion and what happens? I have cherry picked a few star signs below and what I believe to be associated with them in terms of fashion.


How to Make Your Old Denim Shorts Feel Brand New

No wardrobe is complete without a trusty pair of denim cutoff shorts. On days when longline maxi dresses and linen trouser just don’t cut, denim cutoffs are the perfect alternative (Just don’t wear them to the office…your boss might not approve). The classic denim shorts and logo t-shirt combo is a go to for many ladies out there. It’s the unofficial uniform of the Summer. My t-shirt of choice is my trusty, vintage, Led Zeppelin band tee, tucked into my denim shorts.  


Pink to Make the Boys Wink

The reign of millennial pink is finally coming to an end. There is a new shade of pink that has slowly took started to take centre stage. Enter…hot pink. Fuschia pinks have been one of the main colours to hit the runways for Spring/Summer 2018. Many of the big designers have sent their models down the catwalks in this vibrant hue. Eye Catching, feminine and fierce, this colour is tipped to make big moves this season. In fact, it is already happening. Many high street stores are already stocking hot pink styles and it would seem the response is as good as we expected.


The Hot Trend is Back: Dad Sneakers

As you all know trends come and go in the fashion world (some welcomed and some that take us by surprise). Trends are normally rehashed fromm decades gone by and can make quite an impact second time round. The dad sneaker is one of those styles that actually surprised me when I saw it coming down the runways of fashion week. The dad sneaker is known best for being sported by middle aged men, wearing stone wash, baggy jeans and a fanny pack, while on holiday. I bet you’re wondering how I am possibly going to convince you that this is going to look stylish after what I’ve said above, but fear not, you will be buying some as soon as you’ve finished reading this article.